We sell a selection of nuts throughout the year. Nuts you are likely to find when you arrive at out store include: chestnuts, walnuts and hazelnuts.



The Australian season for fresh chestnuts begins early March and runs through to July.  

Depending what you want to use them for, ask for the sweet easy peeling varieties: De Coppi Marrone or Purton's Pride for roasting; Bouche de Betizac, an early variety; or perhaps the larger chestnut named Red Spanish for boiling and microwaving.
For more information, visit the Chestnuts Australia Inc. website.
And for some great recipe ideas visit the Australian Chestnuts Myfoodbook.



Enjoy fresh local walnuts when in season: March. (Find out more about walnuts at the Australian Walnut Industry website.)



Australian grown hazelnuts are fresh and of excellent quality, free from chemical residues and microbial contamination.

Australian hazelnuts have a great crunchy taste when raw or roasted, and as a bonus they are also healthy for you.

(For more information visit the Hazelnut Growers of Australia website.)