We have a brilliant range of still, and sparkling, apple juices and ciders available, all produced with our own fresh fruit.
Our alpine apples are grown in the Snow Country where the cool conditions concentrate the flavours. You taste it in every sip!

Alpine apple juice

apple juice

 Our very popular Alpine Apple Juice is made only with our fruit.

We guarantee there is NO apple concentrate. It's made only from the juice of apples that have been gently crushed and pressed.

Alpine Apple Juice is naturally sweet, yet retains a little tanginess. It's a lovely clean, refreshing drink.

Alpine Cider — Sparkling Apple Juice

Sparkling apple juice

 We are very proud of our latest release, Alpine Cider—Sparkling apple juice.

Made purely from our Granny Smith apples, it's crispy clean flavour and natural bubbles make it a beautiful, refreshing drink.

Alpine Cider — Pink Lady Dry or Sweet

 Pink Lady cider

The Pink Lady apple is a unique Australian variety with excellent eating qualities, but it is also superb for cider making.

We make two types of Pink Lady cider to please every palate. The only difference between the two is the amount of natural sugar remaining after fermentation.

Both Pink Lady ciders have that lovely apple flavour that lingers on the palate and leaves you with a smile on your face... and wanting more.